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Grand Prize Winner

Barbara A.

Grand Prize Winner

What the hell just happened?

In only 60 days, looking at my before and after pictures I realize ďYES, I DID!Ē

Seeing me in those before pictures, you could assume that I never exercised, watched what I ate or even really cared. But I did! I worked out 5 days a week so hard that after 45 minutes, I was white and needed a nap. Ok I watched what I ate but gave myself great latitude. Taking (womenís little blue pill) Alli for about 4 years, I ate more then I should, thinking it would be blocked. I cared so much I weighed myself every day sometimes twice a day hoping for a change. Did any of this help me? No. Every day for the last 20 years my life seemed random with no direction for taking care of myself.

Here is a little of my background. I was a young entrepreneur, owning my own beauty salon for 12 years (loved it!) When I hit my early thirties I chose to change professions and become a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. It was a great experience and during this time I met my wonderful husband, whom Iíve been with now 21 years. My medical problems came after having my children. My son, Andrew, was born with Williams Syndrome and we were told by the doctors that by his teens, he should likely just have some learning delays. Unfortunately that was not to be. Now at 18 he has never spoken, is still in diapers and has extreme mobility issues. Itís the mobility issues that have taken a toll on my back. Iíve been hospitalized numerous times and diagnosed with herniated discs form T1 - S1 and live with constant daily pain. Donít get me wrong. I adore this child and would gladly have given him all my discs to improve his life. I also have a beautiful daughter, Catherine, who has Autism and is as funny as anyone Iíve ever met. Iíve enjoyed my live with them immensely.

Now back to the SIXTY DAY CHALLENGE:

I heard years ago - ď A GOAL without a plan is just a WISHĒ. I chose T-Tapp as my plan.

MY T-Tapp PLAN (Iím not wishing anymore!)

I was going to do this every day for the 60 days.
6 days a week either 15 Min or Walking workout (so quick and invigorating - no naps needed!)
No other workouts except T-TAPP
No weighing every day (or twice a day)
No Alli
Use the God made 2 Day Man-made 1 day eating program Teresa recommended.
Love Love Love the Pyruvyl Glycine and will use if for life. Itís the pick-me-up Iíve always needed without making me jittery.

Well, sixty days later my back feels the best it has in years. Iíve lost 22 lb. (only weighed in today for the essay) and inches -- Oh my gosh! Dropping from size 18 to size 14. Iíve learned motivation doesnít just come to you. The more you work the
T-Tapp program the more you want to.

So to my inspiration, the Goddess Teresa, I thank you and want you to know the inspiration is being passed on. My mother (75) has joined in, a couple of girlfriends, and my autistic daughter. My daughter can hoedown like nobodies business! My husband says the 15 min workout has helped his golf game.

To conclude, Iím starting the next sixty days of the T-Tapp plan and working on getting myself in tip-top shape. Donít be surprised if you hear from me six months from now (doctors permitting) - I might like helping others with the T-Tapp program.

Thanks Teresa - Iím jumping up and screaming ďYES, I DIDĒ

Barbara Amsden-Peach



    Pecs 3
Right Upper Thigh
Left Upper Thigh
Right Lower Thigh
Left Lower Thigh
Right Calf
Left Calf
Right Upper Arm
Left Upper Arm



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